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Hailing from Bolton in Lancashire, 'Ten by Ten' are an exciting 4 piece rock, grunge and metal band. Described as 'Grunge infected Southern rock', combining Monster Riffs and Edgey Rock Grooves, this blend of styles strengthens their original and unique sound. Think Pearl Jam meets Black Label Society. 'Ten by Ten' deliver a powerful and energetic performance with strong, catchy songs.


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Click for Live Review from SOS Festival 2012 by GetYourRockOut.co.uk


Live Review from SOS Festival 2012 by GetYourRockOut.co.uk



SOS Festival – Saturday

Review: Aaron Emerson

If you could think of any way for the festival to produce an eclectic varying taste then Ten by Ten is your answer. The quartet brings their post-grunge, stoner rock sound with perfection.

They're a band that has built up some reputation before the festival with their new video, and the crowd has gathered to see what they are capable of. They do not disappoint as they drench themselves in the Bolton boys' dark, melodic progressive rock stimulus.

With an EP and retro 90's look to help them along, their sound travels through the venue as 'Jesus Road Trip', their aforementioned brilliant new single and video, is met with a bouncing crowd.

It's incredible that this band is still unsigned; just going off this performance alone there should be record labels lining up around the block to sign them.


Click for 'Pressure EP' Review at Denim and Leather alt.music Webzine


'Pressure EP' Review at Denim and Leather Webzine



Ten by Ten - Pressure EP Review

By: Shane Douthwaite

What do you get if you cross Pantera and Creed? No, it's not a joke, and the answer is simple - Ten by Ten. In a similar style to Hull's own metal masters, Pastel Jack, Ten by Ten use a riff laden groove base, and structure immense alt.rock anthems from it to create a huge sound. After kicking ass at SOS Fest, Ten by Ten are set to conquer, and we were lucky enough to get a copy of their EP, Pressure.

Opening the EP is the title track, which is lyrically about 'sticking it to the man' but then yourself becoming the oppressor. This track really displays all of the band's strengths; it is well written, features huge chunky riffs, and it's catchy as hell. A great start to the EP and lays a great platform for what is to follow.

Fell from Grace picks up whatever is left of you after Pressure and smashes your face to the floor. Al's opening riff is swiftly followed by Ste's pounding beats and Paul's huge bass riff; all of which introduce you to five minutes of fury. The lyrics are yet again, right on the money, showing someone's drop in social stature. If the contrast between this song and the prior track was purposeful or not, I don't know; but they really work together. Fell from Grace's shining moment is around 04:15. Straight after a guitar solo and usual end chorus an unexpected second solo entered the foray; and the simple surprise of it feels as though it is throwing you back in to the song for another round.

Wash Away the Tears details the confusing emotions that come with the death of a loved one. The song is haunting and delicate for the most part, but sliced apart by deep cutting guitar chords. The track really captures the maelstrom of emotions attached to this particular subject. Wash is also Al's shining moment, featuring the best guitar solo on the EP and a mass collection of riffs; both heavy and clean, strung together brilliantly.

Next up is Stronger; which is true in both name and nature. Featuring the best riff and intro on the EP, Stronger picks you up from the emotional beating that was Wash Away the Tears and thrusts you back to the metaphorical moshpit created by the first two tracks. Strangely structured but well written, this song is highly memorable and features highly on my mp3 player's 'Most Played' list.

Ten by Ten follow up with a 'ballad' track, In Your Sea, and this is where vocalist Chris is at his pinnacle. The track allows Chris to display his subtle variation in tone, adjusting himself to reflect the tempo of the track. With only two small verses In Your Sea is hardly the most technical song in the world; but it is the accompanying music that makes this my second favourite track on the EP. The haunting intro leads flawlessly into the main riff, a cascading monster that you can't help but marvel at.

Ending this six track debut is the epic anthem, Jesus Road Trip. With an addictive groove and hard hitting attitude this song stays long in the memory and is by far the best track on display. The lyrics alone are probably enough to make you a fan, detailing how Jesus, Mother Theresa and the Pope go on a road trip to cleanse the world of sin. Don't believe me? Check it for yourself:


So, all you need to know about Ten by Ten is this; Chris is like a certain Mr Cornell, but with a gutsier voice; Al has more riffs in his catalogue than Tony Iommi; Paul's bass work is a credit to the instrument and bypasses the need for a second guitar. And Ste hits a drum like Vinnie Paul on steroids. If that isn't enough of a reason to like them, then screw you guys, I'm going home.

Devil Horn Rating: \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ (out of five)

Posted: 02 September 2012 by Iron Criterion


Click for Interview from SOS Festival 2012 with Seb from TheMayfairMallZine.com


Interview from SOS Festival 2012



Event: S.O.S. Festival 2012

Artist: Ten By Ten

Date: 21st July 2012


MM: Hi, great to meet you all.
Band: Thanks, great to meet you too.

MM: How did you feel your performance at today's SOS Festival go down?
Chris: Fantastic, it was a great crowd, mid-way through today's line up of bands. Yeah, a nice, receptive, warm crowd and hopefully we've won over some new fans.

MM: Well I caught you at last year's SOS Festival on the Sunday and I was totally blown away. You were amazing and certainly got everyone's interest, especially as you were the first band on, and most people had a hangover from the night before, you certainly got the venue's attention.
Chris: Yes, we had a great response last year. Being the first band to take to the stage is never easy.

MM: So tell us about Ten By Ten, how did the band get together ?
Ste: Ten By Ten came together from a band I was in called Code Zero, which all fell apart. We had done SOS before, everything was going great, and like all bands eventually do, we came to a conclusion basically, so we were a bit high and dry. Chris is my Brother, and we got chatting and decided we would like to do something, as we have very similar interests in music. The rest of the guys are lifelong friends, so we kind of got a bit of a plan together. We always wanted to be original and not do any covers, so we started writing and 'Fell From Grace' was the first song we wrote, which we played today, and basically it just snowballed from there. You know, we got on with it and started to do the networking. Mark Appleton from Rocksector Records has been fantastic for us and we have developed things from there. It has really been a giant snowball from there really.

MM: Well I mentioned you guys on New Year's Eve at The Towler to Mark Appleton and I'd like to think I kind of had some input to you being back here today ! .. Ha ha !
Band: Ha ha, Thanks very much !

MM: SOS festival is growing, do you have any other festival appearances lined up at the moment ?
Chris: All of them ! No seriously, nothing else at the moment but we would love to do Bloodstock.

MM: What bands have influenced you all ?
Band: Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Nirvana.

MM: Yes I can see there is a grungy influence in your music.
Chris: Yeah we like that groove, but I think we all have a diverse taste in music. I mean personally I like all types of music, but it is predominantly Rock and Metal, but I have come from a background of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, I love all that stuff, so it is definitely there in Ten By Ten's music. But when we got together with Al, whose other band 'Strain' are a full on metal band, if you can imagine coming from a background of Black Label Society and Black Sabbath and mixing it up with the grunge influences, that's us.
We have been called Grunge-infected Southern Rock and I think that kind of fits. I think that's a fair comment about our sound. We aren't a screamy metal band. Whereas there is nothing wrong with that type of Metal, we are more melodic sounding, but combining it with Al and his sound. We get so many great comments about our guitarist and the riffs we have, and we have been really lucky that everything we have done so far has been really liked.

MM: If there was a band who you could tour with who would that be ?
Band: We all have different tastes but as four individuals we will throw in Soundgarden, Chris Cornell has an amazing Voice, Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity and Pantera.

MM: When are we likely to see an album released ?
Chris: Well we aren't actually signed at the moment ...

MM: Oh... I thought you would have been signed to Rocksector by now ?
Chris: No, but Rocksector have been really good to us. They've taken us on a tour and over to Belgium when they could have taken their own bands, that is really good. They are a busy label with busy working bands, and with Mark and Lynne from Rocksector asking us to go the road with them, we feel very privileged to have done that. But no, as it stands we aren't currently with a label, it's just four guys doing what we can. You know, there is no tour funding or stuff like that, that all comes out of our four pockets and we all have jobs away from the band and our own lives. It is one of those things, where we can justify putting money aside, and we want to do it.
We have been invited back to Belgium towards the end of the year to co-headline a venue, and we also need to get more stuff recorded, but it is all about the money. You know, we pay for the T-Shirts and CD's, sell them and make some more. You know we are not doing it for the money, we are doing it for the love and passion, but unfortunately things do cost. Whatever we can get on merch and gigs that pay us, I mean we do an awful lot of support slots, so we don't get paid, but whatever we can put in the pot will go towards recording and what is left over we will put towards going overseas again. That will be great.

MM: How would you describe the band in one word ?
Band: Energetic.

MM: What are your feelings on the music industry ?
Chris: It's still thriving. There's loads of good bands at this level, and higher, and it is the luck of the draw. An event like the SOS Festival is great to be involved with as you know it's going to be pulling people in. It's great that we are having people come back to see us and we are building a loyal following now. People have traveled a long, long way to see us, which is nice. But back to your question, I feel it is quite promising, as the band 'Broken' who were on earlier today have just played at Download, which is something that if they can do it, then so can we. I mean it's not a competition, but there is a glimmer of hope that we could get on at something like Download .

MM: Well I hope you do get there as I think you guys are brilliant and you really blew us away at last year's SOS and were part of the reason for us going to Kendal earlier on in the year when you supported Fury UK. Plus today's performance was fantastic again.

MM: Can you explain the meaning behind the 'Jesus Road Trip' song ?
Chris: Someone on MSN had a picture of Buddy Christ from the film 'Dogma' and we were messing around with a riff. We had no words or melody and I saw that Buddy Christ picture and it was the second coming. Jesus is coming back to kick-ass ! He's got hand grenades, sub machine guns, Mother Teresa and the Pope helping him to kick off and basically he's going to sort out all the bad guys, in a bad way. The song just grew from there really. We are not religious at all, it's just a bit tongue in cheek. On the video Mother Teresa is shooting people in the head. We will probably burn in hell for it ! It is a pretty dark song as well, so it's all down to the film 'Dogma'.

MM: Anything you would like to say to our readers and listeners ?
Band: We would like to say thank you to Matt who did our video. Please check out our Website, YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. Please check out our video, keep hitting the likes, let's get us noticed and let's push Ten By Ten as far as possible.

MM: Brilliant, was great to meet you !
Band: Thank you !

Interview by: Seb Di Gatto


Click for Interview from SOS Festival 2012 with Gramie from AutopsyReport.co.uk


Ten by Ten Interview with Gramie from AutopsyReport.co.uk at SOS Festival 2012



Event: S.O.S. Festival 2012

Artists: Tygers of Pan Tang, Exit State, Velvet Star, Obsessive Compulsive, Triaxis, Ten by Ten, Wizzard, The Goddamn Electric, Trucker Diablo, Broken, Fire in the Empire

Date: 21st July 2012


Interview with AutopsyReport


Click for Interview from SOS Festival 2012 with Heather from Manchester Rocks


Ten by Ten Interview with with Heather from Manchester Rocks at SOS Festival 2012



Event: S.O.S. Festival 2012

Artists: Tygers of Pan Tang, Exit State, Velvet Star, Obsessive Compulsive, Triaxis, Ten by Ten, Wizzard, The Goddamn Electric, Trucker Diablo, Broken, Fire in the Empire

(And on the 'Acoustic Stage': Fantasist, Steel Threads, Breakdown, John Doyle)

Date: 21st July 2012

The Bolton rockers chat to Heather after their set at this years SOS Festival.


Click for Interview from SOS Festival 2012 with Matt from PlanetMosh.com


Ten by Ten Interview with Matt from PlanetMosh.com at SOS Festival 2012



Event: S.O.S. Festival 2012

Artists: Tygers of Pan Tang, Exit State, Velvet Star, Obsessive Compulsive, Triaxis, Ten by Ten, Wizzard, The Goddamn Electric, Trucker Diablo, Broken, Fire in the Empire

Date: 21st July 2012

Hailing from Bolton, Ten by Ten are a hybrid band who combine elements of hard rock, metal and grunge to form a raw and powerful sound both live and on record. I caught them after their brilliant set at this years SOS festival to have a bit of a chin wag about the history of the band, when we can be expecting some new material and their awesome new video for the song 'Jesus Road Trip' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbZ0eNoqgdA)… These guys are one of the hottest bands in the north west, not to mention great guys. CHECK THEM OUT!


Interview with PlanetMosh


Click for Live Review from SOS Festival 2012 by PlanetMosh.com


Live Review from SOS Festival 2012 by PlanetMosh.com



Event: S.O.S. Festival 2012

Artists: Tygers of Pan Tang, Exit State, Velvet Star, Obsessive Compulsive, Triaxis, Ten by Ten, Wizzard, The Goddamn Electric, Trucker Diablo, Broken, Fire in the Empire

(And on the 'Acoustic Stage': Fantasist, Steel Threads, Breakdown, John Doyle)

Date: 21st July 2012

Ten by Ten [9/10] are next on and they get better and better with every show they do. Being out on the road with Fury UK across the UK and part of Europe has really taught them how to put on one kick ass rock concert and it's clear from the moment they stride on, to the second they leave that they are going to take no prisoners. Playing through a set that contains huge, energetic anthems such as 'Pressure', 'Keep up with the Joneses' and 'Fell From Grace' – Ten by Ten don't put a foot wrong today , delivering a spectacular, flawless set that gets everybody moving and singing along to their hard rock/grunge infused songs. Ending on the amazing 'Jesus Roadtrip' which has lead vocalist Chris Ward acting out Jesus on the cross only then to show off his kung fu moves across the stage, Ten by Ten leave Radcliffe begging for more, having blown not only their minds… But also their eardrums.


Click for 'Pressure EP' Review at Rock-Zone.co.uk


'Pressure EP' Review at Rock Zone UK



Artist: Ten By Ten

Reviewed by: David Wilson

Title: Ten by Ten – "Pressure" EP

Posted on July 18, 2012 by David Wilson


Hailing from Bolton in Lancashire, 'Ten by Ten' are an exciting 4 piece rock, grunge and metal band. The band describe themselves as Pearl Jam meets Black Label Society but on the strength of this 6 track EP, and having seen them live, you can actually hear that their influences go so far beyond these two. Described as 'grunge infected southern rock', and combining monster riffs with edgy rock grooves, this blend of styles strengthens their original and unique sound.

And so to the EP. 6 powerful tracks that clearly groove whilst bringing into play some much harder edged guitar and drum riffs which mean you can't help but move along with songs. Chris Ward's vocals blend with the hard edge rock backing and set the songs apart from the more typically "metal" compatriots by bringing a powerful melodic.

Songs like the driving 'Jesus Road Trip' (la link to their new video for this track was recently posted on the Rock-Zone UK Facebook page) and 'Pressure' have a very hard rock feel but this straight ahead style is not the only weapon in the Ten by Ten arsenal. "In Your Sea", whilst having a brooding heaviness, allows the band to show their balladic side and it is this track that really sets the guys apart from other bands travelling in similar circles – allowing a showcase for all the band

Ten by Ten's "Pressure" EP delivers a set of powerful and engaging songs.

For more information and to buy your copy see www.tenbyten.co.uk

Review by David Wilson


Click for 'Pressure EP' Review at AllAboutTheRock.co.uk


'Pressure EP' Review at AllAboutTheRock.co.uk



Artist: Ten By Ten

Location: Bolton, England

Genre: Hard Rock

Reviewed by: Chris Key

Album: Pressure EP

Straight out of Bolton are hard rockers Ten By Ten, we last caught up with these guys at the iconic Grand Central pub in Manchester, when they weren't on our radar and we hadn't expected anything from these guys.

Cast your mind back to the Grand Central Review for a look at their live performance of Bad Advice which we very much enjoyed!


Now you've reaquainted yourself with the Bolton rockers, let's have a gander at their E.P. Pressure, that was kindly given to us by guitarist Al at the gig.

The opener "Pressure" has some hell for leather guitaristry from Al, it's a really beefy tone on that Les Paul of his. Chris, on vocals gives it his all, trying to pack in as much soul as he possible can into his delivery. Funky and hard hitting riffs, are very pleasing on this song, some nice squeals heard from the guitars.

On "Fell From Grace" a truly masterful opening guitar lick from Al, by far my favourite Ten By Ten track out there. Really catchy lyrics, and chorus make for a few repeat plays on the stereo for sure!! A lovely little break down and solo ensure, the song is completed in style. Production on the tracks is generally good, but drumming and bass takes a back seat to the guitar and vocals. Don't get me wrong, with the guitar work on show, why wouldn't you. But sometimes it would be great to hear the sum of all the parts.

"Wash Away The Tears" has a more sombre down beat and sedate guitar riff. A change of pace on the EP, showing ambition and versatility from the 4 piece from Bolton, personally I think their strength is in the upbeat swagger of songs on this EP. The band sound slightly reminiscent of Alter Bridge on this track, but have got a way to go to replicate their exceptional sound.

"Stronger" again has that rampant stomping riff from Al, you know the song is going to put a smile on your face. Al's riffs play nicely off Chris's vocals. Particular good on this track was the evil sounding chorus, all growling guitars, full of venom.

With song "In Your Sea" has an echoey under water echo, where the guitar sounds almost human. Ten out of ten for inventiveness here! Again a sombre ballad from the Bolton guys with plenty of energy across all instruments. Certain parts of this song reminded me of the Pearl Jam song Black

Another motherfunker on the open of "Jesus Road Trip" , a bit of rock n roll comedy from the guys here, guitars are as sweet as ever. Again plenty of swagger on this track, personality seeping through in the content of the song.

This Bolton band oozes with charisma which makes them instantly endearing. Hearing their songs will instantly make you grin from ear to ear. Sometimes vocals may not be pitch perfect and bass and drums can get drowned out in production, but the band still win out as tremendously likeable lads who just want to rock!!

7 out 10


Click for Live Review from Grand Central


Live Review from Grand Central



Bands: Dirty Habit & Ten by Ten

Date: 1st March 2012 @ Grand Central

Currently signed to: n/a

Written by: Chris Key & Ant Bower

After a swift pint of the black stuff at the Salisbury, we raced up the cobbled path to Grand Central. Dirty Habit, Manchester's foremost supercharged classic rock n' rollers.

After catching a second with Daniel the guitarist he told us they would be kicking off at 11!! It was gonna be a long one, but we kept the faith!! We then realised there was support, which came in the form of band Ten by Ten.

Having absolutely no expectations of these guys, we watched them sound check with some impressive chuggy riffs from guitarist Al, technically speaking he sounded and looked the part (just needed the Satriani sunglasses trademark).

A dabbling of Pantera on the jukebox and a couple more Hobgoblins down and Ten by Ten kicked off with front man Chris, who was full of Charisma explaining the song "Fell From Grace" was originally written about the late Whitney Houston, strange but true. Highlights of their set were definitely the many Wah Wah solos of Al pumping the pedal all night long, frantically working the frets, I was surprised that Les Paul Gold Top wasn't on fire when his fingers finally came to rest. With metal riffs, occasional funky stylings and rock sounds all was good.

Chris's interaction with the crowd was good clearly sharing some onstage chemistry with guitarist Al.

They played their EP set with a couple of others seamlessly blending and set out the standard of the nights sound for Dirty Habit to elaborate on. Sweet chord sequences and a tight spine of tub thumping saw these guys through an enjoyable set to say the least.

6.5 out of 10


Click for 'Pressure EP' Review at MetalShip.Org


Pressure EP Review at MetalShip.Org



Ten by Ten - Pressure EP

Genre : Southern Rock

Origin : United Kingdom, Bolton

I first stumbled across the Bolton based 8 legged riff machine Ten by Ten at this year's SOS festival in Radcliffe, and to say the least I fell in love with their music from the word go. Their style of grunge infected southern rock is perfect to bang your head to, their songs are memorable and great to sing along to, and best of all their lead singer looks a bit like Jack Black! With their first EP now on the table and five great hard rock songs in their repertoire, what's not to love about Bolton's loveable rock rouges?

From start to finish you can't help but move your body to the self titled EP Ten by Ten. It's full of slick and slinky bass grooves which are emphasized and stand out above everything else which hasn't really been done before on a rock album. They compliment the punchy, distorted guitar riffs and Chris Ward's bellowing voice perfectly. Giving songs like the chant along 'Jesus Road Trip' and 'Pressure' a very southern/hard rock feel which would put the likes of Pantera, Pearl Jam and Godsmack to shame.

Ten by Ten aren't just the masters of straight up, balls to the wall, hard rock hits. They also take into consideration diversity and difference, and we see that creeping in, in such tracks like 'In Your Sea' which although is slow compared to the other songs on the album, does not give up on the heaviness, but still remains a ballad. It's this change in mood and style which puts Ten by Ten in the league up from 'underground band' or 'newbie', as this EP shows they can master different musical styles and can write killer songs outside of the genre they are playing.

Ten by Ten should be proud of the fact their first effort is really good, and as milestones go; this is the first of many great things by Ten by Ten. Hopefully with these mighty fine hard rock anthems to support them, we could be soon seeing the rise of Ten by Ten in the next few years!

3.5 out of 5


Click for Live Review from SOS Festival 2011


Live Review from SOS Festival 2011



Event: S.O.S. Festival 2011

Artists: Gun, Exit State, Attica Rage, Citizen Charlie, Vega, Wizzard, Neonfly, Velvet Star, Afterdown, Ten By Ten

Date: 17th July 2011

Well after yesterday's Metal Day it was time to do it all again with day two of this years S.O.S. Festival and the mighty Rock day.

Today we would be treated to another great mix of bands and styles all fitting under the "ROCK" banner.

We had Sleaze, we had Old School, we had Heavy Metal, we had Melodic AOR, we had it all.

Getting day two underway were the excellent scallywags Ten by Ten, who really got day two off to a great start with their old school hard rockin' big licks and chunky melodies.

This band well and truly took the audience by the throat and forced them to wake up and get the party started. The band's set included some sterling moments with 'Keeping Up With The Joneses', 'Seven Year Scar' and 'Jesus Road Trip' just a few of the highlights from a great set.

Luckily enough although it was early in the day and a Sunday, there were still a fair number in, so this set everyone up for the day ahead very nicely, especially the tribute to today's headliners 'GUN' which had the lead singer instructing us to roll our 'R's' while singing 'Word Up'.

A band I for one would definitely like to see again as they were not only entertaining and fully engaged the crowd, but they also had the musical talent to back it up.

It's one thing being able to perform a song musically, but it's another one to be able to entertain and engage with your audience at the same time.

Well done lads!




(coming Soon...)

Photos, Videos, MP3s


Ten by Ten 'PRESSURE' EP (CD)

6 Tracks:

Pressure, Fell From Grace, Stronger,

Wash Away The Tears, In Your Sea,

Jesus Road Trip

(with foldout cover including Lyrics & Band Pic)





Ten by Ten 'Retro' T-Shirt

available in :-

S, M, L, XL, XXL





Also available in Ladies Fit

Ladies L

Ladies XL

Ladies XXL





T-Shirt & CD Bundle Offer

Get the PRESSURE EP AND a Retro T-Shirt

for just £10.00




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Contact Ten by Ten

email: info@tenbyten.co.uk


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